Newcomers to VisualTax

Switch to VisualTax this year and pay for VisualTax only HALF! the competitor's price

Switching to VisualTax from other vendors is easy, wise and exceptionally profitable.

The above offer applies to users switching from the following vendors who provide similar professional tax software

  • CanTax (Automatic conversion from previous year is built-in, at least for T1/T2)
  • Profile (Automatic conversion from previous year is built-in, at least for T1/T2)
  • TaxCycle (Automatic conversion from previous year is built-in, at least for T1/T2)

VisualTax does not handle the Quebec Provincial tax return preparation, only the Federal part.

The above list of vendors may change. Please let us know by Email if you are switching from other tax software vendors.

Did you notice that every vendor in the Tax Software Business claims to have the best tax software for you? That also includes us!.

Why? Because everybody puts a heavy amount of work and money and may be equating 'best effort' with 'best product'. Well, some vendors deliver superior products due to years in business, staff with years of experience, desire to excel, desire to innovate, etc. We are one good example of them...
BTW: CRA approves about 25 T1 vendors every year for Efile tax software and another 25 vendors for Netfile home-use tax software. The great majority of them are not for professional tax preparers.

Why Switch to VisualTax?

  • It offers all the tax modules you would need in your practice: You can prepare and file the current and more that 10 prior years tax returns, all accessible from a single window. It offers an unbeatable array of features for supporting your business and its growth. See our main web page for more details.

  • Exclusive Covid-19 features: VisualTax offers superior features that are not offered by competing software. See vtSignatures, vtCourier, vtVirtualTaxOffice.

  • Other Exclusive features: See vtCloud, vtSalDiv, etc. Some features such as Salary vs Dividends analysis cannot be offered by some software vendors, due to their weak software architecture. At most, they could offer you only a very gross and misleading approximation, not taking into account your specific tax scenario.

  • Speed of preparation: Despite our competitor’s claims, you will quickly find out that nothing comes close to the VisualTax speed in completing a tax return, even your most complex one.

  • Cloud operations: Some vendors force you to save your tax data to cloud servers that they control. This is unfortunate for the privacy of your client’s information, as your vendor could bypass/circumvent security and privacy on the server they control. VisualTax does not save the data on cloud servers owned or controlled by VisualTax.

  • Operationally superior: We would like everybody to try or see VisualTax in operation to appreciate its unique architecture and navigational aspects, its accuracy, and its guardian functions to protect you from preparing and filing faulty tax returns.

  • Friendly Pricing: Most of our competitors charge you heavily for 'additional users'. They could be employees, hired contractors or even your secretary that does data entry! Visualtax does not. You can have up to 8 concurrent users working with the program, in one location, and/or laptop or home, as long as the returns they prepare are for the company that purchased the program.

  • Fast and friently support: From very experienced support staff. Instant, valid and to the point answers.

    Big Savings year after year!

    If you are switching from the above vendors we will cut your bill in half the first year, with no questions asked. Just send us via Email proof of what you paid for the software you purchased last year or what they are asking you this year. The following years, you will also be very happy with our much lower prices, quality and friendly support.
    You can capitalize on our friendly pricing as described above. You can save a thousand or much more depending on your size. If you bought already for the 2022 tax year, contact us by Email the same way. We will try to help.

    Example 1:
    Assume you paid $2,500 for T1 and T2 to another tax software vendor, due to your additional users. Your VisualTax price will be the lesser of 50% of the competitor's price ($1,250) and our normal price for the T1+T2 bundle ($778).
    A saving of $2,500 - 778 = $1,722! .
    Not bad, is it... given that you are also getting one of the best tax software in the market. Just try it...

    Example 2:
    Assume you paid $1,200 last year for T1 and T2 before tax to any of the above vendors. We will cut this price in half and offer you the Power versions of Visual T1 and T2 for a saving of $600

    Example 3:
    Assume you paid $450 for a T1 last year before tax to any of the above vendors. We will cut this price in half and offer you the Power versions of Visual T1 for a saving of $225

    For further information

    Please submit queries to:
    • Company Name and phone
    • Your current tax software vendor
    • The products you are buying (As per our Order form)
    • Your comfort price.