Ultimate productivity with the T1 Power version

- Never miss a deduction or income source you reported last year!
- Never type the same word again this or the subsequent tax years!
- View side-by-side the current and last years forms and data!
- Process concurrently any number of family members!

- Family Optimization including Pension Income Splitting

Exceptional build-in time saving features and accuracy will boost your productivity to its maximum, allowing returns of any complexity to be done in absolute minimum time and provide timely and high quality service to your clients.

The Limited and Standard versions of the program may not have all the productivity features listed below.

See the Comparison of the T1 versions

VisualTax employed a unique, flexible and expandable design architecture that resembles a smoothly run organization with strict and well defined responsibilities assigned to its Productivity Managers.

Productivity Managers

The Audit manager looking after quality control issues will:

The Operations manager looking after your operational efficiency will:

The Forms manager looking after the forms of the return will:

The Client manager looking after your client’s data will:

The Training manager looking after your needs as first time user will:

The Email manager looking after Email operations can:

Visual Super Audit

The Visual Super Audit feature is an extension of the standard Audit Wizard diagnostics.
Its primary purpose is to detect income and deductions reported/claimed in the previous year’s tax return but not this year. If you start with an empty tax return, it will tell you what you reported last year. As the preparation progresses the list will get smaller. Any remaining items should be reviewed to ensure that are legitimate.
The feature is available only on the Power version of the VisualTax™ and is effective for tax returns prepared the previous year with one of the following tax programs:

· VisualTax™
· CanTax™
· Profile™

These omissions are readily available in the Audit Wizard panel. Simply click on the ‘Super Audit’ button. You can see exactly how much you reported last year by clicking on each one of the listed items.
If last year’s return is in CanTax™ or Profile™ format, you must use the ‘Rollover’ process before Super Audit can find the omissions from last year.
Note: The Comparative Tax Summary (YSUM) is also another way of comparing this year with previous years.

Visual Super Entry

The Visual Super Entry feature is an extension of the predictive entry we had last year.
It is designed in such a way that you may not have to type the same word again during this or the following years of tax preparation!
The concept, rather unique in VisualTax™, is very simple:
VisualTax™ memorizes all Medical expense types, Doctors, Charity Organizations, Financial Institutions, Names of individuals, etc. that YOU used in your tax practice this or the previous year. Now, every time you try to enter a description in applicable forms, VisualTax™ will ‘type ahead’ for you until there is no other hit. Usually, two to three keystrokes will hit the right description.

VisualTax™ needs about 10 seconds of training to memorize all these words used this or the previous year.
This knowledge is refreshed any time as the season progresses.
To use Super Entry click on Configure | Super Entry.
Once this is finished you can enjoy the productivity gains.

Visual Dual Display/Verification

The Super Verification feature uses the Dual Display capability of the program to allow you to see the current and last year's forms and data side-by-side.

The Super Verification tells you what you reported this year vs what you reported the previous year, for the same slips, statements or credits.

The Super Verification feature is offered in the Power version of the VisualTax™, and it is effective only if you used VisualTax™ the previous year.

This feature is readily available by right clicking any of the forms and selecting ' Show last year's data'.

VisualTax...The Best Return For Your Money.
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