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For Registered Users only (Access Keys are required)

Note: Demo programs for new users must be downloaded from the DEMOS page


Click the links below to download and install the programs and select Open or Run. (If you select Save instead of Open or Run then find the saved files on your machine and double click on them to install them)

Icons to run the programs are automatically created. They can be found in Start -> All Programs -> VisualTax

'DISABLE' your Firewall/Antivirus during Download (especially if you are using Norton or eSet Firewall/Antivirus)

You must Close (Exit) the main program i.e. T1 if already running, before uzipping its update (Otherwise: Error 'Output cannot be created')

For Expected Release Dates click here Expected



Production Version

It will be posted here Sunday evening (Feb 1, 2015)





DRAFT version


Dec 15, 2014

Two files to Download/Install

1. T1draft14.exe

2. ComComp.exe (not needed if already installed)

You will find the icon created in Start -> All Programs -> VisualTax






Dec 28, 2014

Two files to Download/Install

1. T4Full14.exe

2. ComComp.exe (not needed if already installed)

You will find the icon created in Start -> All Programs -> VisualTax



The T5-2014 GUIDE (T4015) has not been released by CRA as of Jan 22, 2015




Posted Feb. 01, 2014


Two files to Download/Install

1. T2Full14.exe

2. ComComp.exe (not needed if already installed)

You will find the icon created in Start -> All Programs -> VisualTax



Last update- T2Updj30.exe

Jan 30, 2015




Posted Jan 15, 2015 

Two files to Download/Install

1. TRFull14.exe

2. ComComp.exe (not needed if already installed)


TR not yet linked to T1-2014 and T2-2015.

It can run on its own.


Prior Years


If you have prior years programs in an old machine and you are installing on a new machine:

It would be faster if you just copy the full program folder from your old machine to the new machine, using a CD or your network. For example to install the T1-2006: Copy folder C:\T1-2006 from the old machine to the new machine. This brings over the configuration items and also the data, provided the data folder was a subfolder of the program folder i.e. C:\T1-2006\data.

In addition you should create the Icon for launching the program: Right click on the desktop and select New-> Shortcut and enter for example C:\T1-2006\t12006.exe

The alternative way is to click the programs below and do a full installation and configuration.

Prior year's programs


T1full12.exe Updated Feb 14,2014, to allow Efiling of late 2012 returns using the CRA's 2014 Web Services. You must use the 2013 Efiler No and PSW on the T1-2012 program.



T1full09 | T1full08 | T1full07 | T1full06 | T1full05 | T1full04 | T1full03 | T1full02



and the T2-2013 update: T2UpdD11.exe


T2full11.exe and the update T2updd02.exe

T2full10 | T2full09 | T2full08 | T2full07 | T2full06 | T2full05 | T2full04 | T2full03 | T2full02


TfFull13.exe and the update TfUpdj25.exe


Tffull11.exe and the update TfUpda16.exe

Tffull10.exe and the update TfUpda10.exe

TFfull09 | TFfull08 | TFfull07


T4Full13.exe and the update T4Updj28

T4Full12.exe  and the update T4Updf14

T4Full11.exe and the Update T4Updj12.exe

T4Full10 | T4Full09 | T4Full08 | T4full07





FpFull10 | FpFull09, FpUpdM24.exe

Downloading and installation (set up):

Method 1

Click on a file to download (ComComp.EXE, T1Full07, TRFull07, T2FULL08, etc.) and select 'Open'. This will download the file in a temporary folder and allow you to install it (SetUp).

Method 2

If you want to keep a copy of the downloaded file click here. If you use this method you can create your own installation CD

Problems Installing After Successful Downloading?
Click Here...

Running the program after successful download and setup

Icons will be automatically generated via the Set up process described above. You can find the icons by clicking the Start button then All Programs, then by locating the VisualTax folder. The executable programs (after installation) have names in the pattern of T12007.EXE, T22008.EXE, TF2007.EXE, and T42007.EXE and they will be located in the default folders of C:\T1-2007, C:\T2-2008, C:\TF-2007, C:\T4-2007, C:\FP-2008 respectively.

Please note that there is no icon created with the installation of the common components.

Click on the icon such as T12007 and the program will load. The first time it will ask you for an 'Authorization Key'. Enter the key you received via EMail.

To find the icon created, click on Start, then Click on Programs then click on VisualTax. You can copy the icon to your desktop if that is what you prefer (drag it with your mouse).

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