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October, 2005

A new powerful engine has been designed for the upcoming T1-2005 version that will take you many miles further, safer, and faster than ever before...

Components such as the Forms manager, Clients manager, Audit manager, Operations manager, Email manager, Training manager and many others are constantly guiding you in the right direction!

This new engine and its user-friendly interface have been integrated after the tax season into the T1- 2004 version and will soon be applied to the entire family of VisualTax products. A free demo for your orientation will be available for download as of Nov 1, 2005. The demo has all the new Power version features we could include without breaking the compatibility with your existing data that you prepared with the production T1-2004 program.

Starting with this tax season all versions of the T1 and T2 programs include Internet Filing.

The following provides you with some additional highlights of the VisualTax product line.

A dozen compelling reasons to switch to VisualTax™

1. More features

2. Easy to use

3. Great productivity

4. Powerful interface

5. Half price or lower

6. Family processing and optimizations

7. Free integrated Adjusted Cost base (ACB) module

8. Free Tax Research module (TR)

9. Easy carry forward of your existing tax returns into VisualTax

10. User-to-user Forum

11. Ten times faster web downloading

12. Fast service and free support from an all Canadian company

The VisualTax products cover:

1. T1 returns

2. T2 returns

3. T3 returns

4. T4/T4A/T5 returns

5. Charity returns

6. Non-Profit returns

7. Partnership returns

8. Miscellaneous forms

Integrated Adjusted Cost Base (ACB)

If you are not currently handling the Return On Capital (ROC) box of the T3 slips, VisualTax can come to the rescue. ACB tracking, if done manually, is a very error prone and time-consuming task, so much so that preparers may not do it at all, usually at the expense of their clients.

Mindful of your productivity and quality of your service, VisualTax is the first and only tax software at this time covering such sophistication in tracking ACB changes and automatically posting the correct ACB upon disposition.

Further more, VisualTax provides you with a full ‘Investment Portfolio’ for each of your clients, covering multiple purchases and sales at different prices, re-investment of distributions and stock splits, and also provides for automatic posting to Schedule 3 upon disposition. You can use it effectively for Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Notes, Real Estate, and Personal Use properties and even for properties shared by spouses.

Free Tax research module (TR)

Users of the T1 Power version will once again enjoy free web access to our TR module. With over 4,000 searchable documents including the Income Tax Act, IT’s, IC’s, Bulletins, Guides, etc., personal and corporate tax research is at your fingertips. TR will save you at least $500 for a similar third party service or software.

TR Details can be found at:

Great news for new users switching to VisualTax

We made it easier than ever. With just one click your data will be rolled-over into VisualTax format and our intuitive interface will make you feel that you already know VisualTax!

Further more, you can be assured that our tradition of quality and steady low pricing will continue in the years ahead, as it has been for the past 19 years.
VisualTax products are offered in different versions and bundled packages to cover individual needs and budgets. To choose among them please check our order form or visit for a more detailed comparison of the various versions.

If you are still hesitating to switch, just look at our record:

In the last two seasons, 970 users switched to VisualTax and we maintain a 99% overall user satisfaction and retention.

Once you switch to VisualTax, you will not look back again.

Conversion details at:


Comprehensive tax coverage

VisualTax can easily handle your most complex returns (all provinces except Quebec) with all forms and optimization algorithms.

  • Efile On-line
  • Efile Online Plus
  • Discounter options
  • Multi-user
  • Daily cash reports
  • Build-in word processor
  • Batch printing
  • Unlimited self-employment statements and slips
  • Principal residence
  • Foreign tax credits
  • Investment tax credits
  • Multiple jurisdictions
  • CAIS
  • Resource income/expenses Non-resident returns
  • Bankruptcy returns
  • Deceased returns with comprehensive losses worksheet
  • Section 216/217 returns
  • Automatic application of losses
  • Medical optimization
  • Donations optimization
  • Family optimizations
  • Concurrent loading and processing of multiple returns

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VisualTax is a trademark of Microsophic Inc.

Productivity features. VisualTax T1 Power has it all!

Exceptional build-in time saving features and accuracy will boost your productivity to its maximum, allowing returns of any complexity to be done in half the time and provide timely and high quality service to your clients.

The Audit manager looking after quality control issues will:

  • guide you to prepare error-free returns by pointing out exact problem spots
  • give you tips to consider
  • optimize your client’s return or his/her family returns.
  • detect what income or deductions you missed compared to the previous year.
  • allow you to mark questionable items for later consultation with client or tax reviewer/advisor
  • show you a Five year summary, Business summary, Slip summary, Family summary, and Tax Summary

The Operations manager looking after your operational efficiency will:

  • ensure that you never type a full word again that you typed this or any previous tax year reducing your keystrokes to an absolute minimum
  • provide smart links to related forms
  • protect you from entering erroneous data
  • protect you from changing Efiled accepted returns
  • remind you of the need for data backup
  • remind you of what returns are coming due
  • protect you from changing finalized invoices
  • allow you to see last year’s invoice in full

The Forms manager looking after the forms of the return will:

  • help you pre-select all forms needed before starting, based on the taxpayer’s profile (Student, Pensioner, etc.)
  • display side-by-side the previous year’s forms and data.
  • prepare the T1 Adjustment automatically
  • highlight what forms have been used
  • show you the Form Table Of Contents (TOC). i.e. Where are the 'Partners' in a T2124 form?
  • help you find a form by name, some keyword, by direct keyboard access keys, by links from another form or directly from the Tax Summary (T-Sum) or the Family Summary (F-Sum)

The Client manager looking after your client’s data will:

  • analyze the profiles of your clients and give you valuable statistics for marketing or business analysis
  • copy the data to take with you out of the office
  • optionally protect the data via return passwords
  • backup the data and manage several back up versions
  • filter clients in many ways
  • find a client by simple click, by SIN, by phone, by street, by city, by preparation status, by Efile status and more
  • produce client listings, client letters and mail-merge user designed letters with your Logo to target specific client groups.
  • Export the client data base to other programs (such as Excel)

The Training manager looking after your needs as first time user will:

  • show you brief Tutorials to help you start quickly
  • show you subject help material for more knowledge
  • link you to the Tax Research (TR) material for even more in depth tax laws and regulations

The Email manager looking after Email operations can:

  • Email the raw tax return data to yourself, your tax advisor, to VisualTax or other Email address of your choice
  • Email a PDF version of the printed return to any Email recipient of your choice

Act now!

Nothing will sell you on the benefits of VisualTax like trying it for yourself. You can download a working demo from:
or review screen shots at:

Once you see for yourself the benefits of VisualTax to you and your clients, you can fill out and mail the attached order form with a cheque, or visit our web site for more purchasing options:


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