Alternative way of installing (unzipping) the downloaded files

Some users reported difficulties in installing (unzipping) the downloaded installation files (i.e. when double clicking on a downloaded file nothing happens)

1. Disable any Anti-virus program you may be running

2. Try the following:

Right click on the downloaded file i.e. T1Full04.exe instead of double clicking on it.

Then click on the 'Extract to' item of the pop-up list*

Then in the 'Extract to' box enter C:\Temp and then click the Extract button then close the window.

Then use Start | Run and enter C:\Temp\SetUp.EXE


use the Explorer and find C:\Temp and double click on the SetUp.EXE

* If the pop-up does not display an 'Extract to' item then you need to download and install WINZIP from

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